What I’m Reading – Foundation

Foundation – Isaac Asimov

Why did I pick it up?

I read a short story by this great master of science fiction a few years ago and loved it. I’ve been keeping my eye open for his longer works and found this seriously gorgeous hardcover edition that I had to have immediately. It’s so beautiful! 

What did I think?

His fame and acclaim make complete sense. The entire plotline of this novel is exciting and had me addicted. I typically don’t like to read books heavy on war strategy or science, but Asimov writes in such a succinct way that I never felt encumbered by complicated details. I love his clear, polished writing style as opposed to the flowery, elaborate language a lot of sci-fi world-builders take on. My only real complaint is the lack of women characters. Especially considering the menagerie of time periods this takes place in, you’d think some of these times would have female leads. It seems this issue has been brought up by many others online as well. Otherwise, I found this to be a thrilling and easy read. The tone of the novel is a bit heavy on the space-and-science side for me, so I’ll take a little palate-cleansing break before starting on the next two Foundation novels in my edition. 


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